IBM releases i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium version 9.2.2

No feature enhancements or added capabilities this release. However, the following fixes have been applied to the latest, released ANB version:

  • Peacock and Compact Peacock layout now display large imported data sets correctly. [APAR PO08650]
  • Characters can now be typed normally on Polish keyboards, rather than causing text selection. [APAR PO08670]
  • Regional decimal symbols are now respected in the layout setup. [APAR PO08663]
  • Fixed custom values can now be entered for Date & Time attributes when importing. [APAR PO08661]
  • Using hyphens as separators in item labels can result in negative values being displayed. To avoid this behavior, use end dashes or tildes instead. [APAR PO08669]
  • When the current chart is saved, the Page Setup modifications are correctly saved. [APAR PO08779]

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